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Hi all

My Nan bought me the car when i was young and passed away shortly after - i have just uncovered it after a few years and it is damaged

Both wing mirrors are gone, the spoiler has gone, the front window has gone , as has the steering wheel, tail lights and front left headlight and the back window is damaged

Does anyone know where i could get this fixed or buy another as it is sentimental and i'd love to be able to rescue it.


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Hey Joe! Welcome to hobbytalk. :cheers2:

You would probably need another one or two in the same shape to just to salvage all the parts you need from them, so a nice replacement is probably your best route.

Have you checked the JADA site for current models? I dont know if they have replacement parts, but check with customer service if its not available. Then check Ebay for secondary market availabliity? Amazon next and then local toy shows or hobby shops after that. (When you google the thread title it should point you to on line sites that may have what you need in stock, but shipping is going to be another expense to consider for 1/24 scale.

Hopefully; if someone here has one in good shape or a parts car they can part with (or you can pay them for shipping at minimum) - they will let you know.

Good luck with the search.


If you decide to rebuild keep us updated with a build thread - now that you have found us! :thumbsup:
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