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Its Available!The Bandai USS Enterprise A

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Hi,I just was on ebay for those of you who are interested the Bandai USS Enterprise A with the revised paint scheme has just become available and I know I want one,it has water slide decals so you can make any other ship in the fleet thats Enterprise refitted class.It lights up too like all their other Star Trek Kits,Thanks,Guy Schlicter.
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Yep, got mine in the mail yesterday from HLJ.

The deflector is now blue and there are all the unique markings for 14 ships on the decal sheet.

The Aztec paint job is altered with it being more visible on the primary and less on the secondary so that overall it is more balanced. The blue/ green panels are unchanged and the Aztec on the engines now goes all the way to the end rather than fading out.

The paint job also includes the TOS "legacy" geometric shapes under the secondary hull, but the stand mounting takes out most of them.

Lighting system and construction is unchanged from the 1701 issue.


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So is it safe to assume that the connections between the pylons and the engineering hull are just as bad as the first refit release was for bandai?
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