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Race will be on Dec 5th at Bayou City Hotwheels club in Houston, TX.


1. Race is open to any 1/64th scale car. HotWheels, Johnny Lightning, Greenlight.... whatever casting or year
you want.
1a. You must start with an existing casting.
2. Cars cannot be weighted.
3. Modifications such as cutting and grafting are allowed. Use of JB Weld and other such building materials are permitted
but should be kept to a minimum.
4. Cars must be repainted or dyed. No factory paint
5. Any type of wheel is allowed. (rubber tires look great but will slow your car on the track.. choose carefully!)
6. This is not a "Pinks" race. Nobody will lose their car
7. All cars will be required to be registered by 9am for local participants and mail in cars are due in by Dec 3rd. Late entries will be accepted with prior notification.

1. Show points will contribute to 50% of final event points
2. Race points will contribute to 50% of final event points
3. In the event of a tie, the faster car will take the position
3a. If cars that tied have not raced each other, they will be required to race for position.

Show points
1. Club attendees will vote by picking their top 10 in order from 1st to 10th.
1a. 10 points for 1st place and 1 point for 10th place
2. Votes will be tallied and cars will be scored by a non participating official
3. Scores will not be revealed until end of race.
4. Voting will be open for two hours. (9 to 11?)

Race points
1. Cars will be randomly paired prior to start of race.
1a. Cars with rubber tires will be paired with like cars.
2. Races are single elimination.
2a. Some cars will have to run additional races to determine final standings
3. All cars must run the entire length of the track and maintain their lanes. If both cars fail to finish they
will both be eliminated
4. A restart will only be granted for a bad start or any type of outside interference. One restart will be allowed
if both cars fail to finish the race.

Broken cars will be disqualified from race and scored a last place finish. If more then one car breaks, their place
will be determined by distance ran when break occurred.

Track will be cleaned before racing starts. Once track has been cleaned it will be closed to all other traffic.
(parents please watch your kids)

The Finish line indicators will be the only determining factor to the outcome of a race. The car with the solid
light is the winner.

Online participants are welcome. Please package your cars carefully when shipping.

Contact me for shipping details

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I wish they had something like that around here...
Just build a car and mail it in. I'll make sure it gets back to you in one piece!

I'm working out the prizes, but there will definitely be something for the top three and hopefully a little something for everyone that enters.

There will also be VIDEO OF EVERY RACE!!!

It's tough to shoot the video of the entire track, but the cars will be shown before the race and then filmed from the finishline. Solid light gets the win and loser goes to the CRUSHER!!! LOL, just kidding. Hopefully no cars will be harmed during the racing.

Here's a sample of the video. You can see how thick the foam is in the catch box, we haven't had any major damage to anything that has gone down the track. I'll try to have a little better angle but will still have the finishline be the main focus.


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Who's going to be working the timer? :p

Let's not jump the gun. I've got mine all wrapped up but still need to get boxed to ship and sent. I couldn't get it there by Saturday if I did mail it today but will have it there by the 5th.

The video's of races look great. The blue paint I use is bad about chipping but I won't trip on it if it's a little worse for wear when it comes home. If looks are taken into consideration as part of the end score you might want to look at mine before it races though.
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