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are you sure the Primary offense that prompted the traffic stop wasn't the tint being too dark since it is NYPD, and NYSP I would have had to initiate a felony stop protocol on those bad looking cars. Could have been worse though, could have been a Joysey caup

That made me remember that I have a bag with a little set of POTUS cars I was given when I was down there in DC for a stint. I think it has the Limo and helicopter, barricades. One of those sets that they must give out to kids at the WH, or something. I totally forgot they gave that to me a while ago. Ill have to dig that out. I never even looked at it or took it out of the bag. Think I just tossed it in a corner in basement.
Thanks for the reminder,
Nice dio too.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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