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Model Murdering
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Hi Neal, They're all a bunch thieves! LOL. I like these side by side comparos you've served up.

Well the Porsche cars are both slope nose versions. The white unit has the traditional DP 935 nose. Not sure what the heck other nose is, but it kinda looks like a facsimile of a later Kremer bros version. More like the later production turbo versions for the street. Both DP and Kremer bros were big time Porsche tuners of the era. The slope nose fender was actually a factory part offered on their streetable "wishlist cars" and was standard racer fare for the day. What happened below the hood and fenderline was a parade of everyone trying to build a better mousetrap.

The tails are quite a bit different. The red/yellow unit has a heavier more bulbous version of the double wing. The whole car appears thicker than the white 935. All in all very different animals. There were so many derivatives of the 911. It's hard to keep them all straight, especially the 934/935/936. They all appear similar.

Obviously I'm a Porsche nut. I've been working on them for 20+ years, so the subtleties appear humongous and many to me.

As for the other cars maybe some other nuts can give us some intel on their respective areas of knowledge. Like 22 tall, I think the makers are always tightroping litigation. True innovation and something completely different is few and far between these days. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and a slight styling variance keeps the legals at bay.
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