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It’s a milestone year for The Matchbox Collectors International Gathering of Friends - the 2012 event marks the 10th anniversary! It’s all happening on July 20-22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, organised by longtime Matchbox collector, promoter and founder of Route 66 Promotions, Jim Gallegos.

Fun, friendly and international, The Gathering isn’t just for Matchbox either, there’ll be plenty of other diecast brands there, especially at the toy show on Sunday. The event kicks off with a meet-and-greet on Friday, followed by seminars, a custom contest, dinner, auction and the traditional presentation by Mattel of what’s to come in the Matchbox range.

If you’d like to attend, you can find the sign-up form attached below along with details of how to submit it. Also, the auction includes several charity items with the proceeds going to Rachel’s Courtyard, a very deserving local children’s charity, so if you’d like to donate items but aren’t planning on attending, you can arrange to do so directly with Jim; HERE.​


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