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DiecastLive.Com said:
Please if you think this about money your sadly mistaken ..

Sorry if offened anyone here .So it must be common place that
everyone on this board gives away prizes each week
no thay dont give away prizes every week. it's just that there is alot of great people here and are happy to give back what thay recive to others. were all like family here. ya we have arguements from time to time but most of the time people share there good find's with others when thay have extras or hold contest. if i was to say i needed something you would be surprized how many people would send you what you needed for nothing and ask nothing in return. my turn to give back will be comming soon. so stick around and and get to know some of the people here before you judge them i think you will find there are more good than bad.. it's your car so do what you want with it rember there only toy cars and this is a hobby :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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