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IRS Offset D-Ring Axle and Hubs Kit

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Hey guys...hoping someone can help me out with a question before I purchase. I'm needing some hubs and an axle for an old RC10L car, so I'm thinking about purchasing the IRS Offset D-Ring Axle and Hubs Kit - BLUE
[IRS2134BL]. Will this kit work? I'm thinking so since it's offset, but wanted to be certain befor I pull the trigger. Thanks!
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The hubs are the same length as the ones that come in the 10L4 kit. IRS originally supplied the hubs and axle for the 10l4 kit.
you will need IRS2120BL, it has the 1.120" hub, the 1.40" hub in the other kit will be to wide. I have a Composite Craft 10L angle X chassis with the t-plate that you are using and it uses the narrower hub. If you were using the newer style pod and symmetrical t-plate then you would use the wider hub. Which chassis are you using?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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