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It's getting to be that time of the year again.

The On-Road Fall Classic Hosted by IROAR R/C Club will be held October 16-17th. Track located in Vinton, IA.

We have brand new CRC ozite(2 races on it), all new PVC barriers and really nice trophies and prizes.

Featured Classes:

1/12 Stock (8min)
1/10 Touring Stock (5min) Foam Tires
1/10 Touring Modified (5min) Foam Tires, no motor limit
Stadium Truck Foam Tires Only

Additional classes will be run with min. 6 cars, (IE. 1/12 Mod) but will not be trophied.

Track is 82x48, on a roller rink floor ie. glass smooth.

We looking to make this event as successful as our clubs spring oval event which had just over 100 entries. This will be a great opportunity to warm-up for Cleveland or just have a great time at an extremely competative race. We look to pull racers from all over the mid-west!!

More info and flyers will be available by sometime next week.

Questions can be sent to [email protected] or check out www.iroaronline.org
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