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Hey Everyone! Newbie here but not to collecting. A little bit about me...I started collecting back in 1995 and went to about 2000. I collected mainly blue numbered blister packs, real riders (original) and toy fairs (my ex wife used to work for mattel management). I sold my collection back in 2000 for 5 figures. I wish I had some of those back!! like #51 ('40 Woodie), #50 (Rolls Royce Phantom II), 1995 JC Penney TH Set, etc. You get the point...I was knee deep in it.

When I sold my collection, I kept all my toy fairs and just a few odds and ends that I thought could be worth something. Which brings me here. I have a blue card gold medal speed #69 Ferrari F40, but not the normal F40 with the yellow tampo's, an F40 from the Ferrari 5 pack with GOLD ULTRA HOTS in the blister. The Ferrari's in the 5 pack had chrome ultra hots.

I have searched everywhere I could think of and have not found another one. If this is a one-off, is it really worth something or is it a true variation? Comments welcomed!! Thanks!!


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