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Integy tire truer- Thumbs up!!

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I saw the new integy tire truer in action, KC Racing had on in their pit. It works GREAT! He also had the Murdock carbide cuter and the carbide trim stick. And the price, can't be beat! How do I say this to get my point across... VERY NICE!! These are a must have items!!
Give Murdock's a look see. http://members.willinet.net/bmurdock/MURDOCKRC/HOBBY_SHOP.html

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In terms of motor power how does it compare to the Hudy...?
Oh and does the quality appear better than the OFNA truer?
Are any adapters included? If so, are they 1/10 pan car front and rear combo adaptors?
no adapters included. the best adapter for oval pan car tires is sold at rc 4 less the best 30.00 you can spend. it does 12th scales.and all 10th scale tires! if you were to buy an arbor for 12th and 10th it would cost you twice that.
Motor power is great. When I tested the unit a while back I did do comparison cuts against the hudy and I couldnt tell much if any difference.

No adaptors come with the truer but it does come with a nice storage case.

This machine blows the ofna away for options. The ofna is basically off/on, where the integy has cutter speed control, high speed return, adjustable return stopper, better toggle switches, on/off switch, plus a button to shut the cutter completely down.

For the money and options this machine cant be beat. You will need the wheel adaptors and possibly the carbide cutter to complete the unit. As far as wheel adaptors I stock the hudy for 1/10 and integy for 1/12 and touring. The multible use arbors are nice but I dont feel they are quite as accurate as the individual ones. The hudy is the best for 1/10 at this time for sure.

Rob @ Murdock R/C & Performance
Hey Rob, you forgot the sexy blue led! Looks cool in the dark! lol I saw a preaty big cut being taken on a purple with a med fast cut, and it slowed some but still made the cut. Impresive. Oh, that was off a gell cell.
the only difference in arbors is the price! hudy and corally were greedy or dumb? either way theyt make a killing on selling arbors,lol. i have personally used rc 4 less arbors and they work awesome! and correct me if i'm wrong but the quality of any cut on any tire truer comes from a quality cutting blade? that is if they all are squared up and spin a tire over. it's not rocket science. i have witnessed several hudy truers break in one week at the snowbirds. i have witnessed a max mod cut 100's of tires every compound imaginable for 1 week straight at the birds and never scream for help. this same truer has now done 3 consecutive snowbirds.. it has cut a few A main winners tires as well for the birds. so the auto lathes look nice,cut nice and have a fancy carrying box..but when it comes down to rock solid reliability nothing touches a max mod lathe. there biggest weakness as i can tell is truing T.M tires. you need to buy a longer threaded rod for them.

reliability = max mod but hard to find and support for them may be an issue

want fancy = hudy they work fine but not a work horse

want a cheap hudy clone = integy price is right but parts may be an issue integy has not been known to answer phones or return emails?

best all around arbor made for pan car tires including 12th scale is the rc4less arbor for 30.00

best upgrade for any truer? go get a carbide bit someone even makes them for the max mod..they are sweet.
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I bought an rc4less arbor but the thing wasn't machined right. It cut 6 tires crooked before I noticed. It wasn't the truer because I stuck the Hudy arbor on and it cut straight and true. I personally like the Hudy arbors better because they are a one piece design.

But I will have to get another rc4less one because its the only one that will handle the TM tires.

cory i would have sent it back asap! mine works awesome..
I agree with Katfish, the 1st one I got from RC/4less was not straight at all, lots of run-out.

I sent it back and they replaced it and the new one was true. To do the Tm tires I just use a 1/4-20 nut and a washer and it works great.

My RC4less hudy arbor works awesome, does 10th scale fronts and rears with changing the arbor. Money well spent, Murdock R/C sells great cutting bits for the hudy and i believe they fit the integy as well. my .02
I do have the carbide cutter here that will work with the integy machines. I also have cutters for all the other brands on the market and trim tools to do edges.These cutters are made with carbide, and is the best money spent on your tire machines. As for arbors. I have tried them all and nothing compares to the single purpose arbors. Reason? most single use arbors (hudy for example) are a single clamp design. A double clamp design can offset itself as you tighten them on to the machine much like a left double clamping hub will do. Having been in the tires business since the late 80's there is a difference. ]

When I test machines they are always tested on a power supply. Small batteries such as gell cells and motorcycle batteries will work fine but if your taking big cuts they amp draw will drain them quickly, or cant supply the amps needed to keep the motor at full stength. To do trims at the track the smaller batteries are fine. I myself just hook my machines at the track right to my ps that runs my chargers. Then I dont have to carry another piece of equipment. A car battery or ps is the best way to go.

Rob @ Murdock R/C & Performance
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murdock is the cutter and trim stick we use on the max mod! it has cut 100's of tires with little wear..haven't had to rotate the cutter in over a year! and the trim sticks are industrial grade! good stuff!

How many amp's does the power supply have to be to run the truer?

The most I have had my amp meter go to in a extreme deep cut is 8 amps. I forgot to mention that I also have them hooked to amp meters when they are tested. 4 to 5 is pretty normal on a fair size cut, 8 when it is working hard

Rob @ Murdock R/C & Performance
Does the Hudy 1/12th scale arbor work with front wheels that use normal/unflanged bearings? The description at Stormer's website says it doesn't:


Also, same question for the Hudy 1/10th pan car arbor. Will wheels that use unflanged bearings work on it?
Cory, if you will contact Bruce I know for a fact he will make it good.. just got 3 from him for my new Integy and they are awesome..

Does the Integy do a good job on bsr radials.was wondering if it would cut them good enough.or does it make a mess out of rubber tires. And what bit would be best. Thanks
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