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INFO on all HO chassis??

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I had a website with all information on all ho chassis plus all kinds of pictures is shut down. anyone know any new website with that kind of info? I am trying to get some of my friends interested in it and understand the ho slot cars. I need pictures and websites to show them.. Any info would be appreciated!!!

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Wes, for anyone starting out this site has to have some of the best info out there......for understanding slots at least:

thanks for the website i ll send them the info. is there another website that has pictures of all different kind of chassis?

try here:


LOTS of pics and info on different HO chassis...


thanks!!! I will use both websites. Both of them are very good info with pictures. I will use it for myself too!!

in case you don't care about foreign language....

.....try this one:


Its in german language, and nothing "new" added for quite some time yet. But we were working on it, and the winter is coming.....

Then there is


One needs to be registered there (its free!), but believe me, its worth to do so.

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Oh yeah, ScaleRacers is great too... LOTS of pics of old chassis...

thanks guys for info on websites!! they are what I need to look up.

thanks again!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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