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None apparently...

Driven by Jim Rathmann, 1982

Driven by Parnelli Jones, 1998 (Don Bailey during caution laps)

Driven by Herb Fishel, 2003 (Johnny Rutherford during caution laps)

Driven by Morgan Freeman, 2004 (Joie Chitwood III during caution laps)

Driven by Josh Duhamel, 2009 (Johnny Rutherford during caution laps)

Driven by Robin Roberts, 2010 (Johnny Rutherford during caution laps)​

And a salute to the unheralded safety crews...


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Some great, great Pace Car collections here! Thanks for posting pics. I've been collecting pace cars off-and-on since first going to Indy 500 in 1996. Seems to me that the older cars are more interesting, with a great style and a great variety of makes and models.

Here are a couple that I haven't seen posted yet (apologies in advance if someone has already added these):

1963 Chrylser Pace Car

2006 Corvette Pace Car

I've also been collecting "donor" cars with the idea to do paint and graphics for Indy Pace Cars that haven't been produced commercially. Here are a few in my overflowing project box.

I figure the Chevrolet could become a reasonable facsimile of 1948 Pace Car by converting it to a convertible. Same deal for the '57 Mercury -- remove the top and repaint yellow. A friend of mine owns one of the 57 Merc pace cars -- it's a block long!

A few more Pace Car candidates: The 1984 Fiero is pretty close and the 1980 Trans-Am could be cloned into a Pace Car. I think the Blazer could be converted into a 2001 Bravada Pace car. Other pace car conversions on my list are 1989 Trans Am, 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora, and 1999 Monte Carlo.

Looking forward to a great day of motorsports on Sunday!

Rick V.
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