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Just announced Yesterday by Steve of Racemasters !
Steve Writes>

Well, at the iHobby show and still having a hard time getting time to get you guys an update. So I decided to just take a few minutes before I have to go back and blurt a few things out:

-We have upgraded the Mega-G chassis. The new chassis will be called the Mega G+ (I know - brilliant, right?)
-The motor will be exclusive to AFX. Called the FN20 Advanced Power Unit it is a can motor that makes about 5% less rpm but 30% more torque than the current motor while using 33% less electricity.
-The Pick Up shoes are redesigned and include a redundant circuit.
-Relocated guide pin for the long wheelbase chassis. (Many thanks to Deane for all the aid sharing experiences with his club and helping with ideas and an ear!)
-All new chassis; motor location, pinion and crown gear.
-Motor runs over 25% cooler and lasts ~ twice as long as current motor in life tests so far.

Many more details and a new controller and narrower wings on the Formula bodies (Again, thanks Deane!) but got to get back down on the floor. Hope to see some of you here.


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That sounds like great news; these guys produce top quality HO slots. I look forward to seeing more about this soon. F1 happens to be a favorite of mine. Thanks for the heads-up on this info Ralphthe3rd :thumbsup:
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