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West Michigan RC Racing

3rd Annual Indoor Trophy Race

March 3rd and March 10th

March 3rd

Doors Open @ 8am

Registration Opens @ 9am

Registration Closes @ 10:30am

Races Start @ 11am

Classes: Mains

Touring Stock Foam (A,B & C)

Touring 19 Turn Foam (A & B)

1/12 Scale Stock (A,B & C)

1/12 Scale 19 Turn (A,B & C)

March 10th

******Early Races******

Doors Open @ 8am

Registration @ 9am

Registration Closes @ 10:30

Races Starts @ 11am

Classes Mains

Stadium Stock Rubber (A,B & C)

Stadium Mod Rubber (A,B)

Novice (A,B)

Entry Fees

$18 First Class

$12 Each Additional Class

Note: Additional discount cannot

be carried over from the "Early Race" to the late Race

March 10th

*****Late Races*****

Registration opens @ 4pm

Registration Closes @ 5:30pm

Races Start @ 5:30pm

Classes: Main

Stadium Stock Foam (A,B & C)

Stadium Mod Foam (A,B & C)

Stock Buggy (A)

Trophies awarded to the first 5 places of each of the mains as stated beside the classes

TQ Trophies will be awarded to each class


Active Machine & Tool Building

6778 18th Ave.

Jenison, Mi 49428


There will be Normal Off Road

Racing on March 3rd @ 6pm


There will be NO ON Road Racing

On March 10th

For more info

Contact Tony or Marty Whitehead

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