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I would be the FIRST in line to have a FUN, laidback, vent, rant, be silly section but it was made clear that it is not possible. In fairness to everyone message board RULES must be followed by all.

This was posted by DAVE our moderator:

Stay ON Topic Please!
I have tried to be patient, with Off Topic threads.

To this point, I have limited myself to simply closing threads.

The next step is to start removing OT Threads, I really don't want to start down that road,

If Hank wants to set up a forum that is open to any kind of OT discussion that would be ok with me.
FOR NOW - THIS particular Forum is for Model kit related discussions.
Those discussion topics should revolve around model building, model collecting, model painting, model kit manufacturer news etc......
If topics are not somehow modeling related I will close or delete them!

Let us try to stay somewhere close to Modeling related topics. then I won't have to keep playing policeman!

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Not open for further replies.