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I'm on the road again now, and stopped at a WM I haven't been to in a while. New Johnny's are starting to show up around here, and I figured I might see something interesting at this one.

Was I ever right!

They had a bunch of the newest releases on the pegs, and one of them stopped me in my tracks.....

What's this, a white interior??? WITH WHITE TIRES???!!!!!!!


Of all the cars to find after a very long drought, I found maybe the coolest one to hit in this series - and my very first white tired WL ever found on a peg, EVER .......

the 1968 Olds 442!!!!!

It's late, I just got home a while ago, and no time for a pic right now, sorry.

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DadsCoronet said:
You sure were excited when you called me about this! Again, congrats on a great score!! Looking forward to a pic or two. :thumbsup:
Just a hunch, but I bet it looks like these:

But we can wait until Rich posts pictures of his to confirm it. :wave:

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Gadzooks N' Egads!!

The drought has ended for myself as well. I managed to
find four WLs this week (yr.). Unfortunately, I didn't find any
new releases. I managed to find the following WLs:

Clue Series - 1948 Tucker (White Mags and Base/#6)
Zingers - 1970 Chevy Nova (Flat White paint job/Super Nova#45)
Zingers - 1970 Dodge Challanger T/A (Flat White paint job/Top
Spoilers - 1957 Chevy Nomad (Flat White Paint job/#01)

Ironically, I couldn't bring myself to do the dance as my finds
just didn't excite me, as in Carnuts case, when he discovered his
treasure in the wilds of Wal Mart. It seems to take a really great find
in order to get me to put on my dancing shoes anymore, and that doesn't
happen very often in this city, which I refer to as 'This Dustbowl for diecasts.'
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