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When I joined the HobbyTalk community in July 2001, there was plenty of talk about all the things Tom Lowe was doing wrong. There was speculation for years about Playing Mantis going broke, and the demise of Johnny Lightning was always just around the corner. During all this time, I seen the quality improve and my collection continued to grow. I somehow managed to enjoy the hobby, although many others always seemed so upset about various matters. Even after Tom sold PM to RC2, I retained my interest and enthusiasm about JL's. And despite all of the recent criticism of RC2, I still find pleasure in each new addition to my JL collection. I think many of the cars released since the re-launch are some of the best produced so far. I hope things continue as they have the last few months. I buy JL's simply because I like them and appreciate the details.

I have no idea about what the future holds for Johnny Lightning. But I can assure you this, I will continue to enjoy the hobby either way.

I apologize for the duplicate post, I found this thread after posting the above in another and thought my thoughts were appropriate for this thread too
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