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My second WATCHMEN mini-bust...Jonathan Osterman, a.k.a Dr, Manhattan, sculpted by Karl Libecap at Monsterdork Studio. The piece was cast in translucent blue resin, and I wanted some of that to show to keep with Dr. Manhattan's unearthly appearance so no primer. Just down-and-dirty light blue pearl acrylic drybrush on the figure, with enamels for the eyes. The base was rattlecan painted with Testor's silver, with the clock face painted in acrylics and the symbol on the back brush painted with Testor's steel. The figure was sprayed with Glosscote.

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Very cool James!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
Karl does some incredible work. I have his RoadRash Critters and I'm blown away by them!
His stuff comes highly recommended by me....

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