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I don't know if that possible but a Top Gear Collection is a good idea with challenge winner or best moment car

#1 Aston vantage N24 (Yellow , James May Driving Heaven challenge)
#2 Ariel Atom
#3 FXX (The black Shumacher version)
#4 Opel Kadett ( Richard car from Bostwana trip)
#5 RED GTR-35 (Jeremy car in japan challenge car vs train )
#6 Toyota Pick-up (indestructable test) ;)
#7 Austin Healey (or midget) (classic car Challenge Jeremy car)
#8 Gumpert Apollo (very nice car)
#9 New VW Scirroco (from Commercial Competition)
#10 Citroen (James May classic car challenge)

let me know what is your choice I know I forgot a lot of interesting car ;)

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According to Minichamps NA's listing the Top Gear series will be release in 2010 with MSRP at $56. The cars will include:

Porsche 911 GT3 RS white/red stripe
Porsche Carrera GT black
Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR silver
Ford GT red
Aston Martin DBS black
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 green

Each car will be in a special Top Gear packaging and a mini-figure of The Stig.

I'd love the see the 1.64 edition too, but if they are ever going to be made I'll bet we'll see them from Minichamps, and not Kyosho since they already have the licensing. However, I do hope to see a Gran Turismo series from Kyosho with all the special GT editions of the super cars that you find in the game. Hopefully both being Japanese companies it might be easier for them to strike a deal.


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Too bad Minichamps beat you to that idea

Gran Turismo sounds cool, they have some of them already like the earlier Japanese, American, Euro and race cars ( I haven't played GT in a long time and I don't have a PS3).

What I'd like to see are 1/64 renditions of tuned exotics like the ones Minichamps said they would release. BMW -ac schnitzer, Benz - AMG (hopefully other companies too)
Hope they have Porsche -RUF ( as in Gran turismo ).

I hope Kyosho would release some tuned Ferraris from Hamann, Novitec, etc...

I would like to see a series 3 Lambo with the new mods like reventon, lp640, Gallardo superleggera and so on.
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