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I need to see these regular castings

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If anyone has any of these to share with me please let me know.

I am looking to see what these regular castings look like . I checked wyatt's guide, etc., but I need a packaged production version. Can you guys help me out here on a few cars please. It will take me a few to find all the links I need so bare with me. Thanks

I would like to see one in a package , or someones loose collection.
This one is from mopar or no car series 239-03 "viper"
Satellite is from series 4 mopar muscle

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They are the Reg. cars, the Satellite in WL has the wht. base & int....On the Viper that is the Reg. with plastic tires,the WL is wht base, on the rubber tires wl is wht base,with wl on the tires. Hope this helps.
I still want to have one in my hands, and I want to know what the stamp says on the base. You know the licensing stamp. It usually 1998 Dodge Viper GTS DCC 2003 for example. I want to see if they all say that. I will see if I can get a couple of of regulars. Someone please help me out

The base is exactly like the 70 Road Runners I have. The hood even has the mark for the grabber hood.

Hope this helps on the Satellite. Dont have the Viper.
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I have an extra rubber tire regular version in the package if you want it. The base is black and it says:

1996 Dodge Viper
GTS DCC 2003

on the base in white.

On the WL it has a white base and the same markings are in black. They are in pretty much the dead center of the base.

I'll try and do some pics if you need them.
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Now you guys are awesome. I still need to see the regulat of that viper. I have that white lightning. I might be getting something special in those two castings, so I need a regular of each. Can you guys find me one. Let me know

Thanks for the pictures. It's a great start to my "venture"
Does the satellite have redlines on that standard version. Thanks

Do you have an extra satellite? I need that one. Thanks
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