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I got this truck 2 weeks ago and I was hoping someone could tell me how to get it to go faster. It's pretty fast but a buddy of mine has an Aftershock and we raced them today. Not only did he catch up to me and pass me, HE DROVE OVER ME! At the moment I was pretty pissed at him but after thinking about it we laughed our butts off, plus he wasn't trying to do that. Anyway, can anyone tell me if there is some gear changes I could make somewhere, or should I get a Nova aluminum heat sink and lean it out, or will bigger tires do the trick, or what? I’m new to this hobby and I’m already hooked, even though my first race was bad! Should I just get a different truck all together? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy thrashing!


Yellow Warhead EVO
.27/4.4 SuperTigre
Running Backyard Basher 20% Nitro, 16%oil
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