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I posted on the classified thread to but i want to check here to see what the real nascar people have and are willing to trade/sell

Ok i plan on making a 1/64 scal martinsville so i need alot of thing's i would prefer to make custom's nascar customs (any scale) in return for the thing's. You could sell them on ebay for a good amount so you would make a profit.. if you want.

Everything that i will be listing the condition doesnt matter as long as it has the main things.

1. the johhny lighting track clean up vehicles condition doesnt matter just need to have the additions with it... here is a picture of one i need, i got another one i need to take a pic of, dont care indy or brickyard ones...

2. Next i need All the haulers i can get, w/c or hot wheels, paint doesnt need to be mint either, Everyone know's what those look like....

3. I need those hot wheels pit boxes they made in the late 90's condition doesnt matter, i will end up stripping them most likely, unless they are really close to one now...
ok, maybe its a tool box, it will work for me...

4. the old Winners circle Pit row sieres, i need everythign in the set except, the car....

5. Any 1/64 cars for donors preffered cfs car, but will do action/wc if need be. (cot's)

Say if you want pictures im having trouble getting them on here..

thanks again!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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