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I,m stumped

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Says 6 hp Briggs engine on wood splitter,#s as follows 12Q802-0120-D102100856. Get intermitent spark i disconnected kill switch from unit all together and checkd again,same thing,pulled flywheel to check key,key was fine but replaced anyway,also cleaned rst from magnets and replaced,still no spark.Replaced ign. coil with brand newone,still nothing.Splitter belongs to neighbor who wanted me to look at it as i fool with this stuff a bit and he complained of gas spitting back thru carb while running and also bogging down.When i installed new coil it fired up but gas was spitting thru carb and i shut it off,now spark issues again.Iforgot to mention i did the busness card thing between fly wheel and coil.Carb. has no adjustment screws eitherI,M ABOUT TO DRINK A BEER AND I DONT DRINK!Someone school me on what to try next.Thanks
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Are you sure the new coils were mounted in the correct orientation (this side out, or cylinder side). The coils can be installed upside down and they will not work.

Make sure there is a good ground between engine block and coil laminations.

Make sure magnets on flywheel are good.

Good spark will almost be invisible, but you should be able to hear it "POP" when it jumps the gap on your tester.
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