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I have lot's to trade!
Volkswagens II(359-05)
65 Type II PU (white wheels, White Interior)
Spiderman 313-18
56 Bus (white wheels, white interior)
Spiderman 313-04
77 Dodge Van (white interior/no tent) X3
66 Tornado(white interior/no tent)
Mustang Illustrated 291-11
’65 Mustang (White wheels, white bottom)
Mustang II 233-01
’01 Cobra (White wheels, white bottom)
Motor Trend 292-01
#15 ’82 Camaro Z28 (white wheels, white interior)
#24 ’01 PT Cruiser (white wheels, white interior)
JL Collection 405-02
’83 Lagonda (white wheels, white interior)
JL Collection 405-03
’67 Toyota 2000 GT (White lightning on tires, white wheels)
Buffy 356-20
Gile’s Citron (White wheels, white bottom)
Import Heat 248-02
Nissan Skyline (White wheels, white interior)
Lightning Brigade 305-01
WWII WC54 Ambulance (White wheels, white front guard)
WWII WC54 Ambulance (White Lightning on tires, white bottom)
The Italian Job 362-04
Dirty White Mini Cooper (white wheels and tires)
T-Birds 455-03
’58 Hardtop (white engine, tinted windows)
’56 Hardtop X2 (white engine, tinted windows)
Ragtops 437-02
Jaguar E-Type (White wheels, white interior)
92 Cadillac Alante (White wheels, white interior)
Classic Gold 404-21
’97 Buick Regal “Turbo-T” (White wheels, white interior)
Boogie Vans 360-01
’77 Dodge D150 (White interior, white bottom)
Tom Daniels Fearless Funny cars 208-01
#4 Earthquake (White wheels, white bottom)
Corvette 342-02
’70 Stingray Coupe (White lightning on tires, white interior)
Rebel Rods 375-01
Cheetah (White interior)
Pony Power
69 Cuda (White wheels/white bottom)
Coke Ornaments 309-19
65 Mustang GT (White wheels/white bottom)
Coke Calendar Girls 370-00
49 Mercury (White wheels/white bottom/white lightning on tires)
Grateful Dead 423-03
59 Desoto (white interior/white bottom)
Firebirds (TRU Exclusive)

79 (Blue) (White wheels, white interior)


Franken Rod
(3 Pack) w/Eye Beam

Auto Affinity

Electric Blue GTO

10th Anniversary
#7 Ecto 1A 59 Caddy
#13 33 Ford Delivery

Bonneville (short card)
3x Red Cuda
Super Tsunami
57 Cadillac Eldo (bad card)

2x Hardnose Dodge neon
2x Hardnose 2 Cool
2x Tooned Shift Kicker
Tooned 360
Tooned Two 2 Go

Tooned Camaro Z28 69 (painted Vents)


1,329 Posts
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White Lightning’s I NEED

James Bond #261-02 (2000)
“View to a Kill” Corvette (White lightning on tires, white bottom)
“Dr. No” 57 Chevy Convertible (White lightning on tires, white bottom)

James Bond 40th
Release 2 261-06
“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” Cougar Convertible (White wheels, white lightning on tires)

Spiderman 313-80 TRU Exclusive
55 Lincoln Futura (White wheels, white interior)

65 21 Window Bus (White wheels, white bottom)
66 Beetle (blue) (White wheels, white bottom)
66 Type II PU (White wheels, white bottom)
2002 New Beetle (Gold wheels, white interior)

Super 70’s
71 Grand Prix
71 Duster
72 Buick Riviera
78 Lil Red D-100 Pickup

Grateful Dead
66 VW Samba Bus
Cadillac Hearse

Coke Vintage
55 Chrysler C-300
54 Vette Nomad

48 Tucker
59 Eldorado
00 Hummer

ANY Universal Monsters
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