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ok so i posted a couple of months back that i got one of these but they were pretty pricey.... well a friend of mine (not a collector) went into his local store yesterday and saw these on the shelf they were on clearence and they said "limited edition" on the card.. so thinking with his heart he grabbed me 5 of them. as collectors we know mattels "limited edition" is not usually that limited and its the same case with these. but i dont know if they were only available here?? so if anybody wants one im letting four of them go at whatever it costs to post them too you. im not puting this thread in forsale and trade for this reason im not selling them just cover what it costs to one too you and its yours!! please let me know if your interested as i only have four..

p.s pics arent mine there from google

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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