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Target Flying Customs '57 Chevy-white
Target Flying Customs Baja Breaker-brown
Target Flying Customs S'Cool Bus-black
Target Flying Customs Scorchin Scooter-red
Target Flying Customs VW Bug-blue
Target Flying Customs VW Bug-red
Target Super Chromes Baja Breaker-gold chrome
Target Super Chromes Corvette Stingray-chrome

Police Patrol 5 Pack Armored Truck-blue
Police Patrol 5 Pack Ford Fusion-black and white
Police Patrol 5 Pack Mustang GT Concept-white
Police Patrol 5 Pack Pit Cruiser-black and white
Police Patrol 5 Pack Zotic-gold

Ferrari 5 Pack 355 Spider-yellow
Ferrari 5 Pack 360 Modena-dk red
Ferrari 5 Pack P4-lt red
Ferrari 5 Pack-black
Ferrari 5 Pack-silver

This is the entire list of the Street Show cars and model numbers:
’32 Ford Coupe----------L3046...green
’32 Ford Coupe----------L3062
’40 Ford Pickup----------L3047
’40 Ford Pickup----------L3063
’52 Chevy® Pickup------L3039
’52 Chevy® Pickup------L3045
’52 Chevy® Pickup------L3061
’56 Flashsider®----------L3040
’56 Flashsider®----------L3055
’56 Ford Panel-----------L3050
’56 Ford Panel-----------L3052
’56 Ford Panel-----------L3066
Altered State®----------L3041...white
Altered State®----------L3057
Bone Shaker™-----------L3038...gold
Bone Shaker™-----------L3054
Bone Shaker™-----------L3056
Dairy Delivery®----------L3035
Dairy Delivery®----------L3051
Metrorail™ Nash Metropolitan--L3049
Metrorail™ Nash Metropolitan--L3065
Midnight Otto®----------L3044
Midnight Otto®----------L3060
Morris Wagon------------L3048
Morris Wagon------------L3064
Sooo Fast®-------------L3042 ...red
Sooo Fast®-------------L3058
Way 2 Fast®------------L3037...blue
Way 2 Fast®------------L3053

Ultra Hots VW Karmann Ghia-purple
X-Raycers 5 Pack Ferrari 360-gold
40th Anniv Since 68-4 car Tin Set...due out in October 2007...you can pre-order it now. It is a "dealers only" set
2007 FE 2007-002 Chevy Camaro Concept-red with 5 spokes
2007 FE 2007-003 Doorslammer-variations...dark red OR light red
2007 Mystery 2007-167 VW Bug Convertible-base variations...old logo OR new logo on base
2007 Mystery 2007-180 Super Comp Dragster-black and white
2007 TH 2007-123 Tooned 1969 Camaro Z28-Regular green body with 5 spokes
2007 TH 2007-123 Tooned 1969 Camaro Z28-SUPER green chrome body with RR
Dearborn Nationals 1969 Mustang-dark blue...3,000 will be available
HW Classics 3 Double Demon-dark pink
HWC VW Drag Bus-orange with flames...you can order them from HWC www.hotwheelscollectors.com on 3/27/07
Dan Hammond
HW Dan's Info Corner

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