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1966 Batmobile news:

2006-031 Nissan Titan-black with FTE
2006-031 Nissan Titan-black with PR5
2006-125 1970 Mustang Mach 1-gold
2006-125 1970 Mustang Mach 1-white
2006-158 Fore Wheeler-maroon
2006-183 Scorchin Scooter-purple-gold rims
2006-183 Scorchin Scooter-purple-gray handlebars
2006-193 Invader with no tampos
2006-217 Slideout-blue
2006-205 Vulture Roadster-black
2006-209 MST Suzuka-orange
2006-215 Double Vision-white-correct engine
2006-216 Overbored 454-silver
2006-218 Tooned Mercy Breaker-blue
2006 Fiat 500c-FTE front wheels
2007 FE 2007-004 1969 Ford Mustang-black
2007 FE Dodge Challenger Concept-green
2007 FE 2007-005 Dodge Ram Truck-purple
2007 FE 2007-014 Ferrari 599 GTB-red
2007 FE 2007-028 Drift King-gold
2007 FE 2007-038 Hyperliner-black
2007 FE 1969 Mustang-black
2007 FE 2007-007 Dodge Charger SRT-8 yellow
2007 FE 2007-044 Camaro Z28-yellow
2007 Mystery 2007-170 Bugatti Veyron-yellow
2007 Mystery 2007-165 '65 Bonneville-red
2007 Mystery Power Rage-5 spoke OR accelerater wheels
2007 Mystery 2007-167 VW Bug Convertible-purple
2007 Mystery 2007-168 Dodge M80-red black red
All Stars 2007-136 Deuce Roadster-brown
Batman Gotham City 5 Pack...contains: Batcycle, Batmobile, Dodge Viper Coupe, Batcopter, Phathom This
Camaro Team 2007-043 Camaro Z28-yellow
Code Cars 2007-088 Audacious-red with silver Y5
Code Cars 2007-091 Monoposto-antifreeze
Code Cars 2007-092 Astin Martin VT Vantage-red
HW Classics 2 Hot Bird-green
HW Design 2007-047 Asphalt Assault-green
HW Design 2007-045 Pony Up-orange
HW Design 2007-048 CUL8R-blue
Redline 2006-100 '69 Pontiac Firebird-pink
Taxi Rods 1964 Impala-yellow
Taxi Rods 2007-049 Cockney Cab II-yellow
Three Kings 2 Packs-Airy 8 and HW Prototype 12 (Wal-Mart exclusives)
Track Aces 2006-122 Sling Shot-blue
Ultra Hots 2007 50s Chevy Truck-silver
Ultra Hots 2007 1970 Camaro RS-white
Ultra Hots 2007 Karmann Ghia-turquoise
WWE 2006-110 Sir Ominous-blue
WWE Power Panel- gold 5 spokes
WWE 2006-109 Power Panel-salmon with 5 sp wheels

Here is the breakdown on the "Hot Wheel 5" 5 Packs from TRU:
1st 5 Pack:
La Troca...same as the one in the Truckus 500 5 pack except the #31 tampo is a lighter shade of red.
Saltflat Racer...same as the one in the Cyborg Assault 5 pack except with sp5 wheels.
Phaeton.....same as the 2002 Cold Blooded Series #4 except with lwch wheels.
Two 2 Go...same as the Wastelanders 5 pack except with HO5 wheels.
'32 Ford...same as collector #216 from 2001 except with lwch wheels.
2nd 5 pack:
Customized C3500....same as 2003 Pride Rides Series #9 except with pr5 wheels, and the tampo is a very light color.
Screamin' Hauler....I couldn't find any others that looked like this new one.
Lakester....same as the 2003 T-Wrecks 5 pack...the only difference I could see is the newer one has a yellow HW tampo instead of orange.
Hooligan....2005 Heat Fleet 2 5 Pack...except with lwch wheels.
3rd 5 Pack:
Lancia Stratos...the same as the 2003 Cliff Race set. I don't have this car in my collection, so I couldn't see if there were any variations to it.
Midnight Otto....same as the 2004 Speed Circus 5 pack...except with lwch wheels.
Toyota Celica....2004 Night Breed 5 pack except with silver pr5 wheels.
Ford Focus...2004 Night Breed 5 pack. The only difference I could see is the newer one doesn't have a satin finish like the older one. You have to put them side by side to even notice it.
Chevy Pro Stock Truck...2003 Hot Haulers 5 pack...only difference is the tampos are a tiny bit darker.
Dan Hammond
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