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WLCollector said:
Well I have several LS1 Trans Ams, but my fast one is a WS6 6 speed with a Vortech Supercharger with after cooler, bigger injectors, upgraded fuel pump, headers, blower cam, borla exhaust, port and polished heads, i could keep going if I thought about it more. It has the stock rear end and stock gears, it has never had slicks on it. it is a 100% street car. It dynoed 660 at the rear wheels. Z06s, Vipers, Cobras and a even a Gallardo. None can keep up. Im fixing to upgrade again with a smaller pully and bigger fuel pump and injectors to get 800 + HP. Right now I can be cruisin at 80 MPH and down shift and start smokin the tires. To race I have to leave it in 3rd gear and go into the throttle easy and build power. Only car around here that I cant beat is my buddys 880 something RWHP Lenginfelter Z06. It is a 427 twin turbo.
WOW thought the Z06 was a monster stock..... I guess I was wrong :cry:
Oh well theres always the Nissan Skyline or this tuned Dodge Viper and Busas to go realy fast in.


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21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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