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Huntington, In. race for Victory Junction Gang Camp

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Radio Control Race for Kyle Petty's Victory Junction Kids
September 26, 2004 Rain Date: October 10,2004
Time: Sign up & practice at 11:00 AM Race at 1:00 PM
Fee: $10.00 Please pre-register
7 Classes
Racing on carpet-foam tires only
Location: Kmart parking lot Huntington, In.
Come charged, bring table & chairs. No electrical outlets.
Electronic lap counting system.
Contact : Barry at C Team Cyclery 1-260-356-4362 after 2:00 PM
E Mail: [email protected]
Check out: victoryjunction.org
Race organized by Huntington R/C Group
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Classes for the Victory Junction race:
Pro Pan - Nascar body, Roar stock, any 6 cell
Sprint Car - Custom Works or Cobra Nemesis cars, any motor 13 turn or more / brush less system
19 Turn 4 Cell Pan - Nascar body,non adj. timing
Gear Box Modified body - 19 turn Chameleon motor, any 6 cell
Bolink Sprint Car - stock motor, Trinity Spec Pack or 1600 mah or less
Sprint Car Pan - any battery, any motor, winged or non winged
Novice - begiiers only, any car, any battery
We can make more classes if needed.
Raffles: Associated B4 (RTR)
2 new Bikes (DK & Redline valued $175 & up)
and many more Radio Control & Bike items
The raffle just got bigger. One of the guys, just let me know the company he works for just added a $1200.00 Manco scooter to our raffle. It keep getting larger.
Racers don't forget the race at Huntington, In. Sept. 26. This race is for Kyle Petty's Victory Juntction Kids Camp. Location : Kmart parking lot ( on carpet ). Time : Sign up & practice 11:00 am Race at 1:00 pm. More info : contact Barry at C Team Cyclery 1-260-356-4362 after 2:00 pm or Email [email protected]
Great race in Huntington

I hope everyone had a great time, I know that I did. I didn't hear anyone complaining and everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was fun racing on carpet(no need to buy tires for a one time parking lot race) outdoors. I will be looking forward to the race next year..Thanks to K-Mart for the use of their parking lot...:wave:
Victory Junction Kids Camp

Thanks for everyone that came to the first race for the camp. We gave trophies tothe first two places of every main. We had 30 cars for this race. We are very happy to let you know that we are sending over $2000.00 to Kyle Petty's Victory Junction Gang Camp.
Again thanks to all that helped ( Ted, Mike, Candy, Greg, Barry, Martha and big thanks to little Zack ) to make this happen. To all of the people that gave all of the Raffle prizes. Thanks to Kmart for letting us use your parking lot.
Thanks from me......Dave
Hi Dave,
I think we all had a good time,and helped out a good cause!
Ted,Mike,Barry,and Dave worked hard to make this happen! Thanks Guys!
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