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Basically, all we got in the way of 1:64 JLs was the Big Boats 5-packs at $4.94 each.
I did manage to find one with a WL '59 Cadillac Eldorado. White base and white interior.
There were some 1/24 Marvel castings available at $6.94.
It appears to be a regional thing in Canada.
Ontario gets the honey and the west gets the rape, LOL
Not much else to report. Sorry!

Cheers. Cobra

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A tiny peace offering.

Mike, I think that this is the first time that JLs have shown up at SOME
Walmarts in Canada at clearance prices.
The Big Boats 5-pack at $4.94 is nice but..........Not too exciting.
Besides, who needs 10 or 20 boxes of the same release. One or two is o'kay.
The same can be said for the Marvel 1:24 at $6.94 each. Nice, but....... pass!
It does appear that possibly a few WMs in Toronto, I believe, may have
received a very large shipment of mixed 1:64 JL cases that are being
clearanced at $1.00 each.
Walmart has a very large distribution centre at Mississauga, so this would
explain this stuff showing up in the Greater Toronto area.
Certainly, great for any JL collectors living in the area.

Remember, in the past, RC2/PM has dumped huge quantities of 1:64 JL
product at fire-sale prices at outlets such as Dollar Tree, Big Lots, etc.
And Target or TRU had clearances at $0.97 or 2 for $1.97 or something like
that; probably thousands of cases of JLs.
Where-as Canada this time might have got one hundred or less.
That would explain them only showing up at a few stores close to the
distribution centre and no where else.

BYW, I would love to have the opportunity to go through 50 to 100 JLs
in one store at one time at $1.00 each. Oh! What a dream.
Don't wake me up. I want it to last!

Cheers. Cobra

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Mike, for you information. In reading posts on some other boards; it appears that Walmarts in eastern Canada and possibly the Maritimes got other 5-packs of JLs
than the Big Boats sets that are the only ones found in western Canada.
These 5-packs were High Impact Muscle, Pony Power, and The Spoilers sets.
This could be because of the main different distribution centres getting different
truck/container loads. It is also my understanding that ALL various sets that Walmarts
in Canada received have the SAME UPC. The same UPC sticker has been applied to the
5-packs. All the Big Boats sets that I looked through in several stores had been opened
on the right end as the seals were all cut through. Why, I don't know.

I hope that this additional information helps to explain what may be appearing on
OFAS. I don't do OFAS, so can't comment on those aspects. Best regards and happy
new year; even if it is a few days late!

Cheers. Cobra
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