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How Much Castor Split ?

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How much castor split should be run on a flat track, moderately banked, and steeply banked track ??

What's the effect of running more or less ?

Thx for the info !
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TG: On a flat, tight indoor track, for stock, i tend to stay within a degre or so on both sides. Like 2.5 on the left and 3 or 3.5 on the right. Runni gcastor split will do the following: The more castor you run,the better turn in youre going to get. But with more castor added, your car will be tight on the corner exit. Keeping weight transfer, you can get a real deep enrty into the corner, and gun it, and have your car go straight into the outside wall. I would assume, the less split, the "closer" your cars handling will be through out the corner. Saying, its entry will be "moderate" or not tight, but no insanely close to the boards, and your exit should be enough so you can get on the gas, but not send your car to the wall. Hope it helps.
...On full size cars,the more caster split you run, he more "turn in" you get off power..
Never really played with it in RC to see if it had the same effect...

Todd Putnam
Putnam Propulsion
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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