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How FAST is the Xray M18?

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So, like the subject says... How fast is the Xray M18? Is it quick enough in a good driver's hands to beat an equally skilled BRP Pro or SC!8 driver?

Since the stock motor wouldn't be any competition for the BRPs, I'm presuming we would be talking about Mabuchi 370 sized motors such as the Wattage 370, Graupner Speed 300 6V, Team Orion Big Block, Peak Chubby, etc...

Color me curious...

Anyone seen them race Micros? I hear they put a pretty good whipping on the modified Micros, even the Exo2 chassis equipped cars.
The Xray is hands down, FAR superior to the the HPI Micro. (Even if the stock M18 chassis is fairly flexible...)
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I hear complaints that the stock chassis has too much flex. I don't know if this flex is there when the chassis stiffener is used or not. But, despite the flex I hear it is quick and the flex doesn't reveal itself with handling problems from a couple drivers on another forum who have mentioined the flex, they report the suspension is doing its job.

As far as motors getting burnt up...the gearing is very different than the Micro and it will need different gearing. So, if you are smoking motors you have it over or undergeared...

This car interests me, the Micro never did...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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