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HOTV - 2012 Ultra G Cup Time Trials

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James T. Jet here for HOTV with complete coverage of the 2012 Ultra G Cup race. Time trials started today and we were there. Let’s go to Smokey in the infield.
Thanks James. First out of the box today is Team Clyde-0-Mite’s Hot Rod entry. It turned in a blistering 1.954. Here is an action photo caught by the track photographer Aurora Cannon.

Next out was Team Clyde-0-Mite’s Cheetah. It came in with a nice 2.030. Auroora caught this action photo.

Next on the track was Team Placebo’s good looking 55. It was smooth as silk but seemed to be lacking any horse power Miss Cannon snapped them on the back stretch they could only muster a 2.528.

Rookie Team Angelis from Silver Springs, MD’s gulf blue number 230 GT40 and turned in a 2.268 shown below in turn coming out of turn 8.

Team Vanelli came out next with the very good looking red number 10 Camaro. Aurora caught them here in turn 6. They brought home a 2.316

Last time trial of the day was Team Vanelli’s number 23 GT40. The coached out a respectable 2.236. Mis Cannon snapped them in action in turn 2.

Last out was Corrie Motors who tore the track up with a 1.908. Unfortunately Aurora’s camera battery wen dead and she did not get a shot of them in action.

James here is a look at the official score card for the day.

1 Team Corrie Motors 1.908
2 Team Clyde-O-mite # 0 1.954
3 Clyde-O-mite # 2 2.030
4 Team Vanelli #23 2.236
5 Team Angelis # 230 2.268
6 Team Vanelli #10 2.316
7 Team Placebo # 13 2.528

Back to you James.
Thanks Smokey and Aurora. That wraps up today’s report race fans. Good night and God Bless.
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