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Most of us are familiar with the actual history of Hot Wheels as collectors of the iconic diecast toy cars and their collector focused premium castings. As well as the folk lore and 'understandings' that have developed around them over time. Kimmo Sahakangas; et al, in their book the Encyclopedia of Small-Scale Diecast Motor Vehicle Manufacturers - Sahakangas, Foster & Weber (2006) are very found of the Hot Wheel line - calling them the most desirable of all available castings from around the world. This may perhaps be more so - just in America. But even back then - their are those who would still disagree either way with them and even more still today.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves now almost 53 years later still collecting them, sharing our finds and stories - both positive and negaitive as we are want to do as human beings.

An Introduction to Hot Wheels Diecast Production History

Hot Wheels have also be made and distributed by other companies around the World - CISPA in Mexico; Mebetoys in Italy, and Muky in Argentina and Brazil.

Overtime, Mattel has worked with several other well known American brand names to market their Hot Wheels range of diecast. One of those was
Hallmark, who has issued many resin cast vehicles in their Christmas Ornament collection representing many of the iconic Hot Wheels vehicles. In 2002, Hot Wheels offered a promotional diecast of the Sooo Fast Custom as a Hallmark liveried casting in a special presentation hanging card box.

From the beginning Hot Wheels has also paired with American fast food restuarants to issue Hot Wheels as promotions at their locations. Starting with Jack in the Box and the Jack Rabbit Special. McDonalds iconic Happy Meals and most recently Monster Trucks at Sonic.

In 1973, the worked with Shell to offer a promotional series of castings.

See Start Your Engines also. (Note many addiitional associations are known from both before and after 2006, but not mentioned here.)

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