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Here is the breakdown on the "Hot Wheel 5" 5 Packs from TRU:
All cars have a "Born On" date code on the bases. (Reading the date codes is easy. Example-2816AZ...The first 3 numbers are the day of the year and the last number is the year it was made which would be the 281st day of 2006. The last 2 letters are the country of origin code. In this case, the "AZ" code stands for China. Anything ending in "EA" is also made in China.)
1st 5 Pack:
La Troca...same as the one in the Truckus 500 5 pack with the #31 tampo is a lighter shade of red. (2816AZ)
Saltflat Racer...same as the one in the 2004 Cyborg Assault 5 pack with PR-5 wheels. (3026AZ)
Phaeton.....same as the 2002-178 Cold Blooded Series #4 with silver lace wheels. (2816AZ)
Two 2 Go...same as the Wastelanders 5 pack with 5 dot wheels, and a chrome base. (2886AZ)
'32 Ford...same as collector #216 from 2001 with silver lace wheels. (2886AZ)

2nd 5 pack:
Customized C3500....same as 2003 Pride Rides Series #9 with PR-5 wheels, and the tampo is a very light color. (2886AZ)
Popcycle...same as 2005 Auto GRFX 5 Pack with gold satin body-new base lettering and HW logo. (2886AZ)
Screamin' Hauler....I couldn't find any others that looked like this new one. (2886AZ)
Lakester....same as 2003 T-Wrecks 5 pack...the newer one has an orange HW logo instead of yellow. (2886AZ)
Hooligan....2005 Heat Fleet 2 5 Pack...with lace wheels. (2886AZ)

3rd 5 Pack:
Lancia Stratos...the same as the 2003 Cliff Race set. with black plastic China base. (2816AZ)
Midnight Otto....same as the 2004 Speed Circus 5 pack... with lace wheels, metallic silver base, smoke (not black) windows. (2886AZ)
Toyota Celica....2004 Night Breed 5 pack with silver PR-5 wheels, black interior, red windows. (2816AZ)
Ford Focus...2004 Night Breed 5 pack with a darker satin finish. (2886AZ)
Chevy Pro Stock Truck...2003 Hot Haulers 5 pack with orange chrome body, chrome plastic China base. (2886AZ)
Dan Hammond

HW Dan's Info Corner
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