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I Wanna Go Fast!
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Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce Horsham will be offering carpet oval racing again this season.

Chuck and I will be running the program and will post a schedule asap.

We'll update the website once it's complete.


Please feel free to use this forum for any comments or questions that you may have. Please keep in mind that if you have a comment or question that does not pertain to this season's oval racing or Horsham Raceway itself please feel free to PM Chuck or I at any time. We are more then happy to help.

We would like to invite other tracks to post about any special events that they may be hosting, but please do not post about other tracks problems or concerns. We would like to continue supporting other local tracks as much as possible. We need to keep this hobby alive!!!

Chuck and I volunteer our time trying to make Oval Racing the best it can be at Horsham Raceway so please let us know if there is anything you would like to see or should be changed.

Thanks Guys, Now Lets Go Racing Boys!!!!

Horsham Raceway
400 Babylon rd Suite C
Horsham, PA 19044

2012/2013 Schedule:
Oct 7 Sunday "Season Opener"
Oct 14 Sunday club race
Oct 21 Sunday club race
Oct 28 Sunday "Oval Masters Warm up Race"
Nov 4 sunday NO RACING
Nov 11 Sunday Club race
Nov 18 No Racing (Turkey Derby at Strand)
Nov 25 Sunday club race
***Dec 1st Saturday "Tour Regionals"***
Dec 9 Sunday club race
Dec 16 Sunday club race "Toys For Tots"
Dec 23 sunday club race
Dec 30 Sunday "Checkers Or Wreckers!"
Jan 6 Sunday Club Race
Jan 13 Sunday Club Race
Jan 20 Sunday "Birds Warm Up Race"
Jan 27 Sunday NO RACING
Feb 3 Sunday NO RACING
Feb 10 Sunday club race
Feb 17 Sunday club Race
Feb 24 Sunday club race
March (TBA)

Schedule might change due to other tracks big events, as far as now it's pretty much every sunday...

I Wanna Go Fast!
2,288 Posts
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So other Tracks are calling out the "Fast Guys".... Well I'm not gonna do that... lol

Instead I'm gonna call out all local pan car oval guys.... get your stuff ready it's carpet time!!!

Jorge Moreira
Doug Parisano
George Mease
Angelo Taormina
Bill Macaroni
Walter Stuber
Dave Wert
Jerry Billmyer
Dave Irrgang
Everett Lane
Jonathan Mcminn
Al Spina
Ryan Weeks
Dan Ostrander
Dale Conklin
Alan Behler
Stan Brzezynski
Eric Storch
Steve Nye
Greg Hartman
Eric Beltz
John Battista
Al Sodano
Charlie Coopey
Ron Goetter
Ryan Petro
George Verbonitz
John Pertro
Rich Decapio
Bill Osborne
Mike Mandio
Matt Tyson
Cory Fasncht
Mike Obrien
Larry Fairtrace
Paul Cranmer
Russ Kurtz
John Bath
Chuck Winters
Vince Denina
Nathaniel Winters
Darin Cranmer
Ray Schwardlfeyer
Darl Thompson
Jason Mosely
Franklin Brink
Michael Behler
Jason Schreffler
Scott Fisher
James Cranmer
DJ Cranmer
Frank Mertz

Sorry if I miss spelled or forgot your name... copy and repost.... either way get out and race!
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