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Hornby is recognized primarily as a traditional British model train manufacturer. They were a brand name under the Meccano Ltd umbrella of toy maker holdings.

In 1933, Meccano Ltd debuted their line of 1:43 scale diecast cars called "Hornby Modelled Miniatures".

In April 1934, the brand name was changed to "Meccano Dinky Toys".

By August 1935, the Meccano name was deleted and the brand became "Dinky Toys" until 1971.

In November 1958, Dinky Dublo toys were issued as accessories to go with their Hornby Dublo train sets. They were cast in 1:76 (OO) scale. A few of these castings remained in the Dinky line up until the 1960s. They had a one piece body, a seperate base plate and sometimes windows with plastic wheels. There were a total 15 Dublo models made, with upgrades and modifications there are up to 42 variations (not including box variations) made. All models came boxed. There were no color changes during the short life of Dublo.

When Meccano Ltd. went bust in the mid-1960s, Lines Brothers acquired them and integrated most of the products into their lineup rebranding them as "Triang Hornby".

On 1 May 2008, Hornby bought out Corgi Classics.

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