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I recently had a problem with an order I placed for a membership renewal and some product. This order was placed in late july about the time the (DARK SIDE RC2) purchased playing mantis I received an e-mail saying august 11th was the ship date so I waited about a week I called to check status on my order and was told it had not been shipped yet I was also told that things woud not be like before as we the members could expect to wait 6-8 weeks for anything orderd from (THE DARK SIDE (RC2). I called every phone number I could get my hands on and after several weeks of excuses somehow I finaly got some answers from a soon to be let go customer service person at the warehouse that we the people have come to love.
I was told that because the (DARK SIDE RC2) was in no hurry with there orders some of us would not receive our membership cards in time for the FEST!!!! I was told my name would be put on a list so when I showed up at the members only tent I would be let in.
So if there are any of you that does not have a current membership or are waiting for one you need to call (800-704-8697 x7273) or (563-875-2000)
the person in charge of (THE LIST) Is Kathy Calahan. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
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