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Thanks for thinking about us fluke! I know you all get lots of rain and sometimes flooding in Seatle area.

I live in a very small town south of Jacksonville, FL (6 traffic lights). When I went to the grocery store, I think everyone in my town was there :wave: The wal-mart in the town up the street sold out of water!!! The Jax news has been on commercial free for the last 14 hrs updating everything. Here is a picture of a prelude of what might be headed my way. Taken 5:30pm Friday the 13th. The NW arm of Charlie might hit my area around 1-2am. The NW arm is very weak but will dump alot of rain (possible flooding). The SE arm is the one that really has to be feared :devil:

The funny thing is, throughout this whole thing I keep thinking "What kind of diorama can I make to depict this?" :tongue:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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