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Hongwell Toys Ltd began operations in 1970 as A Cheong Plastic Manufactory Ltd. They made plastic and diecast vehicles for a select customer base and their toy base line (?) was not made to be realistic (?). In 1997, they purchased land for and built a new factory in Dong-guan City, China to expand their production capability. In 1998, they changed their name to Hongwell. They have also made castings in 1:43 and other scales.

Shortly after changing their name, Hongwell introduced their "Caramara" diecast line up made in 1:72 scale size. The casting efficiency of new production technology in this scale allowed Hongwell (and others) to offer a remarkable level of detail over even larger scaled castings. So much so that Yatming soon introduced their "Petites" line; Joy City their "Automax" series and Realtoy their "Real-X" range. Other brands offering 1:72 scale castings include Kinsmart, Badai, Saico and Kentoys.

Some of Hongwells 1st offerings were distributed in Germany by the Bremen based company of M Klein & Co GmbH as "Happy People".

They also contracted with Dickie-Simba to offer their Hongwell castings which later (?) became the "Schuco Juniors" brand. Castings include classic and contemporary European models along with American and Japanese models. Includng the 2nd generation Dodge Intrepid (4) door sedan as a civilan version. The casting themselves all have transparent windows allowing the highly detail interior to be seen. Paint quality is exceptional. The plastic base plates are highly detailed and include the engine and transmission pans. Wheel hubs are plastic and fitted with real rubber treaded tires. Although most do not have moving parts, the Porsche 904 features an opening rear engine cover.

Additional companies that imported the Hongwell castings were Boley, Furuta (?), Maruka, Toys 'r' Us in Japan, Mori Toys (?) and Marks and Spencer (?). In Scandinavian countries they were marketed as "Joker" Junior Driver (?) labeled brand. Both the Furuta (?) and Junior Driver (?) branded offerings have also been found in Southern California.

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