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A great addition to my collection came in the mail yesterday!
ASHTONSBUG sent me the new ,Batman 2-packs!!

Super great thought and gesture, from a very generous member!
thank-you so much!!!

:thumbsup: Also Included, was this great note,it took some serious,creative thinking for him to write this;

"Holy Hot Wheels ... RobDog

Found some treasures...
that hopefully measures...
up to your bat cave pleasures!

Not a lot of time for this rhyme...
I hope these are just in time!

I took a stab...
In hopes you didn't grab!

All the way from my Tavern...
Straight to your cavern!"

This is the epitome of RAOK at it's very finest.
besides this forum,never before had we crossed paths and out of the sky,the RAOK gods shined down!

I'll have to think of something creative, to counter a most generous act of Kindness!

If the word "bug" in your username has any indication of what you collect,..have I got the car for you!

Thanks again Ashton!

Here's a pic that I borrowed from ebay...don't worry it isn't and never will be, the ones you sent me!!

(BTW,Dragonfly...thanks for your part in this too! :thumbsup: )

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..we have a lot of good members here on the board..congrats on the RAOK RobDog.. :thumbsup: ..and way to go Ashton and Dragonfly.....cool of you guys for sure... :wave:
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