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Hey guys, I'd like to know if I became a Hobbytalk supporter if I could change my e-mail address from my TXUcom.net address (my ISP e-mail) to my Hotmail account that I use daily. I remember when I first signed up here that I was unable touse my hotmail address....and was forced to go with my ISP address. If I was to become a HT supporter could I change that?

The reason I ask is.....my local ISP was recently bought out.....and the address shortly will not be the TXU address that I now have.......WHICH will present a problem for me since I no longer would have a valid e-mail address here......and I didn't exactly want to start over from scratch here at Hobbytalk.

Please help me out with some info if you can guys...... :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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