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Hobby World-Jax,FL Official 2004 Thread (Ver 2.0)

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Hobby World-Jax,FL Official 2004 Oval Thread (Ver 2.0)

As Hankster requested,here's the new Official Hobby World thread for 2004! Please keep it clean!
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Woohoo 1st question!

Ok, I just picked up an L3 with the L4 conversion off of Ebay. It comes with Green Rears, and I think 1 red, 1 purple, and maybe 2 blue fronts. I will have to double check.

Anyway, what tires do you guys run and could anyone give me a general direction the color ratings as far as hardness and other differences? I know about as much about oval as I did 5 months ago about touring which is exactly jack and crap lol. But there is alot more sources of info out there on touring than there is oval. That I have been able to find anyway.

Eugene G.
to run 4 cell stock you can run a number of tires. a good starting point would be 4 purples. as for a tire chart it varies between manufactors such as trc and jaco I personally like TRC tires. the jaco break easy and the foam peals off the rim.

you can get a tire chart off Trinity's website you need to go here

bsr tires info,

Green 30+/-
Medium compound recommended on medium traction carpet tracks.

Blue 50+/-
Medium/harder compound, recommended on extremely high traction carpet tracks and on asphalt tracks.

White 30+/-
Soft compound, recommended for rear tires on low traction carpet tracks. Works well in modified racing on the rear.

Gray 35-40
Medium compound recommended on medium traction carpet / abrasive asphalt tracks. Low wear / longer lasting.

Pink 30
Soft compound recommended on low traction asphalt tracks and as the inside front or rear on low bite carpet tracks.

Double Pink 35
Slightly firmer pink, recommended on low traction asphalt tracks and more abrasive tracks.

Purple 40
Medium/hard compound recommended on high traction asphalt or carpet tracks. Low wear / longer lasting.

Double Purple 45
Hard compound recommended on high traction asphalt or carpet tracks. Low wear / longer lasting.

Red 50
Hardest compound recommended on high traction asphalt tracks. Good for right front. Lowest wear / longest lasting.

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Thanks guys.

I just double checked and this what it has....

Rears are green compound and fronts are 1 orange, 1 blue, and 1 green.
A new beginning, we've got John on here now too! Sweet.

Version 2.0, what are the new enhancements George ;) lol
Looks like good weather for Friday, very warm during the day and cooling down at night, if the forcast holds, the track's gonna be fast!
Eugene G- Sounds like it has Spec tires on it. If you're going for the "El Cheapo" route on the car,the Spec rubber's a good start! But most,if not all,of the stock guys stick to the good rubber.
What class are ya planning to run w/that car?

Shawn-New enhancements? Hopefully more racin' & raggin' than complaining! lol
The "Invasion of the Dodges" has begun!



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I plan on starting in 4 cell stock in a couple of weeks. I should have the car tomorrow and then a few weeks practicing with it before trying a race out. I am looking for some more fun besides the TCs. :) Depending on how much fun/how easy I pick it up will decide where I go from there, lol.
On my 19t car I run ALL purple ( T R C ) and one red on the right front.
irvan36mm said:
But most,if not all,of the stock guys stick to the good rubber.
So...what's the good "rubber"? TRC, BSR, JACO, etc. or whatever I can get a set to use and practice with fast like before Friday. J/K Also, if HW has is in stock?
Red Sox #2 Chevy Power

George, those Dodge's look nice, but this Chevy's gonna be in front of them... ; )

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Shawn I hope those numbers are painted on since you are jumping up to 19t hate to see you loose those numbers HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!
Its all paint dude. ;) You don't mean lose them like you did your track record??? ;)

Can't wait for some 19t.
Atleast a fellow ga. driver has the record ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best of wishes on your upcoming surgery. Let us know how its goin. :thumbsup:

Gonna hit Branford on the 16th, Come on and Run The Truck! Bring the HW crew. Gimma a holler if your game!
Later :cool:
[email protected]
Military Duty that weekend gota play with Uncle Sam...I was planning to run last Sunday but the wife got called into work due to some computer virus.

How about it for the rest of you guys...Bradfords only 1.5 hours from here great concrete oval...it'll keep you on your toes.

Plus you have to meet the owner Mr Scott
Full racing weekend:
Friday - HW onroad, oval (prospec, stock, 19t, legend)
Saturday - Strickland oval
Sunday - HW onroad (elect/nitro) & oval

How many can you attend and still have fun
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