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Hello all -

I recently discovered this most excellent site. This is my first posting and I wanted to introduce myself..

My name is Larry and I live in the Central FL area. I have been an avid N scale model railroader for a number of years (I posted some photos of my layout on this site earlier today)..

In the last few months I have taken a break from the railroad and turned my attention to plastic models. I really caught the bug when I saw all of the Moebius models in my local hobby store.. so far I have completed the small FS1 and I am trying to finish up the LIS Chariot.. In hindsight - it was probably not the best choice to jump back into modeling.. I have LOVED working on the kit - but now I am faced with the daunting task of all the masking that is required to complete the upper section...

The 1/32 FS1 is sitting in the box waiting for me to jump in and I am very excited about getting that project started.

I look forward to posting here as well as reading the comments and watching the work of others on this site..

Thanks !!
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