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A long time member of the boards has hit a skid of bad luck and finds themselves in a situation where they need to liquidate to raise some cash for more important things like rent and food.

With that in mind, the hope was for people to buy multiple castings so the postage didn't end up more than the casting. There are no prices listed because any reasonable offer will be considered. Everybody wants a deal but when it is a HT member, I hope you take that in consideration when posting an offer.

Here is what's up for grabs.

White Lightnings

Cat in the Hat Camaro, GTO, Van
Classic Gold 404-07 Willys,
Team Lightning Xena
HOW Scooby Van
Americas Cook County Police
Complete set of Simpsons S1
KB Exc. 1of 75 Lost Toppers Commuter & Skinni Mini
AF Chicago Police
Mopar Or....239-02 Challenger
Hot Rod 442-02 signed by Hot Rod Al
2 Coke Polar Bear Fords Fairlanes
HOW Mod Squad Woodie
Coke Calender Girl 54 Vette
Ad Rods Unser Indy Car
Hot Rod 442-01 Flamed 32 Hi Boy
Cracker Barrel Woody & Panel X2
Topper S2 Custom L purple
Lightning Brigade S2 Fuel Tanker
Super 70's S2 Monte Carlo, Duster, Riv
JL Collection 63 Impala
Speed Racer complete set of six plus one extra Shooting Star 9
Military Muscle Airplanes
Topper S2 complete 2 of 6 signed by Tom Lowe.

Cool & Rare stuff

2001 Toyfair set
2 LF blue chrome Mustang slots
1 Batmobile slot
1 gold chrome club car slot
2 LF die-cast Caddy's 2003
1 set of 30th anniv. Topper Commemoratives
all 5 seriies Ecto 1's
2 Blacl label Halloween Ecto's
Car Culture White Castle Car
Set of Hippie Buses
Club Viper Camaro
5th Anniv. Unser chrome.
Original Topper Triple Threat with pipes still attached
Restored Topper Custom Ferrari in orange

Action 1/24th
Jeff Gordon Chrome Allusion Superman for 1998 and 1999
Kenny Irwin Joker #28
Star Wars EP 1 #24
Pepsi Racing #24

Misc 1/24th
99 Team Caliber 23 Jimmy Spencer Winston
98 Revell Cartoon Network Lake Speed
Danbury Mint Batmobile

Green Sugar Caddy w/ broken glass
Blue Whip Creamer
Jack Rabbit Special
Restored Beatnik Bandit

New HW's
Jiffy Lube Oil Truck in red
JL GTO in black
Hot Rod Mag s1 69 Olds 442
Van De Camps 67 GTO black
Otter Pops 49 Merc passion blue
OP 30th anniv. Dairy Del.

Redline club cars
King Kuda, Purple Passion, black stripe Camaro, Nitty Gritty Kitty, Light My Firebird, Custom Mustang, Heavy Cheavy, 67 Charger, blue stripe Camaro.

Racing Champions
#9 Dexters Lab in 1/24
Scooby Zombie 1/24

1/64th Gold Chrome 98-99 some ar 1 of 2,500
Holland Barfield
Jasper Pressley
Skittles Irvan
C Lock LePage
Track Gear Burton
Cartoon Speed
Luxaire Allen
Tobasco Bodine
Yellow Raines
H Meyers Trickle
A Seltzer Jones
Cat Green
Citgo Waltrip
DeWalt Sadler
Alltel Parsons
C Flakes Labonte
TCE Spencer
Winn Dixie Martin
Cartoon Nadeau
Kodak Hamilton
Big K Waltrip
Deere 97
Hendrick 25
M&M's Irvin
Exide Burton
Tide Rudd
Sabco J Wayne 40
Cheerios Benson
B Lee Burton
Paycheck 11
Valvoline Martin
Primstar LePage
Advantix Hamilton
Kleenex 32

Place a reasonable offer here on the boards and the owner will make arrangements for payment and shipping.

Good Luck to all!

OK, I have questions...

Are the KB Lost Topper WL's the all white ones?
Are any of the other WL's all white?
Is the Restored Orange Topper Ferrari a quality restoration?



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robmcin said:
OK, I have questions...

Are the KB Lost Topper WL's the all white ones?
Are any of the other WL's all white?
Is the Restored Orange Topper Ferrari a quality restoration?




1. The ones with white rims
2. You mean like the ones given out at Fest. Pearl paint, token and blister....... I don't remember seein any like that.
3. I think Fargo did it.

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Sorry to hear of a members demise. Hope all works out quick & smooth.

Are the RedlineClubCars in blisters?.. &
Would the seller be willing to sell me the KingKuda,Light My Firebird,Nitty Gritty Kitty, Custom Mustang,Heavy Chevy,'67 Charger for $16.50 each($99.00 for the six) plus s&h? E-mail me at [email protected]

Jeff Fleetwood

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Jeff/Everyone - Personally, I appreciate that you made fair offers and respected the fact the guy needs some money.

I think it speaks loads for the integrity of the board, willingness to help and not take advantage of the guy. Kudos to Mark for taking this to the board.

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