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We started the night with GT class with the new rules allowing all cars to run 20,000 rpm motors we are dusting off the scalelectrix cars and getting them to compete with the ninco cars. With Bill and Jason running these cars they were able to lay down some fast lap times but not running them in a while showed. Mechanical failure caused both cars to fall back allowing clear sailing for the front runners.


Fastest Laps:
Blue 4.227 J.P.
Green 4.183 J.P.
Orange 4.161 Bob P.
Yellow 4.356 Jason Z.

Most Laps:
Blue 34 J.P.
Green 33 J.P.
Orange 33 Richard D.
Yellow 33 J.P.

J.P. 132 laps
Richard D. 126 laps
Kyle P. 122 laps
Bob P. 120 laps
Jonathan 115 laps
Jason Z. 113 laps
Wendell B. 107 laps
Marty W. 103 laps
Bill F. 87 laps

We continued the night with Prototypes and I must say everyone brought there "A" game. We had close clean racing with all cars well preped for the race. There were times the track marshals had nothing to do for the whole heat, noboby came off. The top five drivers turned 30 laps or better in three out of four lanes with yellow lane playing the spoiler four of the top five had 29 laps and one had 33.
Great Racing :thumbsup: That was an excellent driving display on everyones part.


Fastest Laps:
Blue 4.426 Jonathan
Green 4.117 Jason Z.
Orange 4.198 Jason Z.
Yellow 4.426 Marty W.

Most Laps:
Blue 32 Jason Z./J.P.
Green 33 Jason Z./J.P.
Orange 35 Jason Z.
Yellow 33 Jason Z.

Jason Z. 133 laps
J.P. 127 laps
Richard D. 122 laps
Jonathan 122 laps
Marty W. 121 laps
Bob P. 111 laps
Wendell B. 108 laps
Nicholas 107 laps
Kyle P. 99 laps
Chris 47 laps

Next up was NASCAR and the driving lessons continued :thumbsup:

Fastest Laps:
Blue 4.739 Tom Marlow
Green 4.460 Kyle P.
Orange 4.163 Wendell B.
Yellow 4.741 Wendell B.

Most Laps:
Blue 30 J.P.
Green 31 J.P.
Orange 31 J.P./Tom Marlow
Yellow 29 Tom Marlow

J.P. 120 laps
Tom Marlow 119 laps
Kyle P.114 laps
Bob P.106 laps
Marty W. 103 laps
Wendell B. 99 laps
Jonathan 97 laps

And it all had to come to an end.
Trucks!!! Yes the trucks!!! Once they hit the track they could not stay on. :drunk: all over the place, but they look so fun!!!

Fastest Laps:
Blue 5.760 Marty W.
Green 5.542 Kyle P.
Orange 5.664 Jonathan
Yellow 5.865 Richard D.

Most Laps:
Blue 22 Jonathan/Richard D.
Green 26 Kyle P.
Orange 24 Kyle P.
Yellow 24 Richard D.

Kyle P. 92 laps
Richard D.92 laps
Jonathan 86 laps
Marty W. 66 laps

Thanks to Hobby Planet for hosting the races and putting up with us till midnight or later. :)

Next race will be Sun. kids race adult races after kids if there is enough interest.
Hobbt Planet
11233 Beach Blvd #7
Jacksonville Fl 32246
Fri. at 7:00pm will be the next race posted

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Ragnar said:
You should be more careful with what you post on here. Untrue statements like you made can cause a lot of trouble. This forum doesn't need those kinds of inflametory statements, and niether does H.P. . :(
Tom (Ragnar)
You are really scaring me! I Think I might soil my depends.
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