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The Hobao (#HB-M9-S) Hyper 9 Pro Racing Buggy is now available @ rcMart.com
The HOBAO Hyper 9 is a completely new design from the ground up with many new and innovative ideas. Several criteria were set and met in this new design. Weight was number one and always a concern with every part designed for the buggy. Next, in order of iacamportance, was side to side balance, low center of gravity, ground clearance, all on as narrow a chassis as possible.
RC 1:8, Buggy, Gasoline-Powered, Off Road, Almost Ready-To-Run ARTR

- No, E-clips, Inboard hinge pins in captive supports front and rear. Outboard hinge pins secured with setscrew
- New front and rear brake sets
- T-shape linkage arm for 25° slanted engine and brake set
- One-piece battery box base and side guard for lower centre of gravity
- Big bore threaded body shock absorbers
- Lightweight one-piece wing and mount for improved weight distribution
- New servo saver and steering assembly for improved reliability and adjustment
- Unique 25° slanted engine to balance cars centre of gravity
- Titanium turnbuckles
- Smart pull for fuel tank to improve re-fueling
- Reduced weight, ground clearance & chassis width all make for improved jumping and cornering ability
- Length: 495mm
- Width: 305mm
- Height: 190mm
- Wheel Base: 322mm
- Weight: 3300g
- HOBAO Hyper 9 Pro ARTR Racing Buggy (1set)
- Body (With Rear Wing) (1pc)
- Wheels and Tires (4pcs)
- Damper set (1set)
- Decals (2pcs)
- Windows Mask (1pc)
- Instruction
- Engine
- Radio
- Servo
- Fuel
- Glow Plug
- Plug Heater
- Starter Box

*Photo for reference only (some pictures are of the initial pre-production prototype)
*The Engine is not included
Where to buy?
Source: Hobao
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