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fluke said:
Here is some more I have found on this funky space ship.....looks kinda cool!


H0 1010 UFO - flying saucer
Also for N TT Z usable.
"flying saucer" (kit) with interesting flashing and shining effects, as well as 4 extraterrestial ones and a robot. The UFO can be assembled alternatively standing with driven out telescope legs or on a "Beamstrahl flying". Four multi colour lamps, light conductor and electronics circuit provide for attractive light effects (electronics is prepared ready to be installed for connection at 14-16 V equal or alternating voltage).

Diameter of the ufos: 15 cm, approx. 45 mm highly (inclusive dome), overall height with telescope legs approx. 75 mm.

WOW, some great dio examples on that link. I like the second set of pics where the UFO takes on the look of the surface. Cool!
And the Aliens look like that JarJar character from one of the last Stars Wars movies.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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