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Note: This item was reviewed a number of years ago but it still may be interesting to some.

Servos are one thing I just have always been a cheapskate on. It's been hard for me to justify spending $100+ on a servo. Even though I know that a strong and fast servo can help, I end up getting a mid-level servo and make it do. I finally decided to break down a get a really good servo for racing this summer. If I was going to get a high-buck servo, I was going to get the fastest and strongest I could find and still be somewhat reasonable in price.

After looking through many spec charts I settled on Hitec's HS-5925MG. It fit the bill with 128 oz. of torque, .08 sec. speed and 384 oz. of holding power at 6 volts and it came in under $100.00. It is a bit on the heavy side at 2 oz. I've been a fan of Hitec for awhile, so it fit right in with the Lynx 3D that is my daily racing radio.

I also notice that Hitec has a full 2 year warranty on the servo with a lifetime warranty on the gears. If they are as strong as the warranty claims, this could be the last servo I ever have to buy!

Looking at the outside, there is nothing different about the 5925. But you notice something different once you get it in your car (or truck). I have never run a digital servo before and noticed right away that this thing is loud when in use. Whenever it is moved it puts out a high pitch "squeal". After talking with a few others I found that this is normal for digital servos.

It first went into my nitro truck and I had a hard time getting it to not to glitch. A quick e-mail to Hitec and they told me that they recommend using a 5 cell NiCad receiver pack. Once I swapped out my 4 dry cells and put in a 5 cell NiCad receiver pack, the glitching went away.

After a few runs in the DuraTrax Maximum MT Pro that I was just finishing up testing, I slapped it in a Schumacher Big 6 1/6 scale nitro on-road car. I figured if it could swing those tires, it could take care of my everyday racing needs.

The DuraTrax MT Pro is a backyard basher that I use to test some new ideas and just basically relax with. The standard steering servo doesn't do too bad a job and with Hitec's 5925 the steering was excellent. Even sitting still on carpet, the wheels would fling back and forth with no strain on the servo. It was almost overkill for the MT Pro, but it sure was nice to have instant reaction to the controller.

Next we stuffed the 5925MG in the Schumacher Big 6. I figured the big tires on the Big 6 would give the 5925MG a workout and really put it to the test.

All I can say is "WOW", what a difference between the 5925MG and the normal Hitec 615MG that I run. Through the turns the steering was much more precise and quicker too boot. It didn't seem to wonder in the corners like it did with the 615MG and required less steering input exiting the corners.

This really had me wondering why there was less steering input required when exiting the corners. This is something I didn't expect. All I can figure is that the superior holding power of the 5925MG means the tires stayed on track better when under the extreme pressure of the high speed turns.

Other then the need to use a NiCad pack in a nitro vehicle and the noise when the 5925MG is doing it's thing, this is one awesome servo. I only had a chance to use it about a dozen times and as long as it holds up as well as it's warranty has you believe, buying a 5925MG is a no brainer. If it ever does need to be repaired, I've found that Hitec's service is excellent with quick turnaround and good terms.

I know I'm sold, I'll never go back to using an analog servo again, it's digital for me!

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